Back Pain After a Car Accident? We Can Help.

Chiropractic Auburndale FL Back Pain After An Auto Accident

Even a minor accident can cause back injuries. The human body isn't designed to absorb the jarring impact of a car accident, or even a low-speed collision. Back injuries can have a significant impact on your daily life. Soft-tissue damage, sciatica, disc injury, whiplash, and spinal injuries are common back injuries suffered in a car crash.

Upper Back Pain After a Car Accident

Upper back injuries resulting from auto accidents can be severe. Fractured vertebrae can cause lasting complications such as chronic pain, nerve damage, and paralysis. Rear-end collisions and upper back pain are often linked. These accidents can lead to strains and tears in muscles and ligaments.

Middle Back Pain After a Car Accident

If you are experiencing pain in the middle back, from a car accident, there is a higher chance that the injury could be serious compared to other areas. Mid-back pain tends to result from issues with the spine.

There are a variety of different causes of middle back pain after a car accident. A few of the most common include herniated discs, pinched nerves, and sprains.

Lower Back Pain After a Car Accident

The back is an intricate network of bones, muscles, nerves, and tissues that extend from the neck to the pelvis. The lower back is the most common back injury when you’ve been in a car accident. The sciatic nerve, in the lower back area, can get pinched and cause lower back pain for many years.

Delayed Back Pain After a Car Accident

Car accident injuries usually manifest themselves immediately, but some may take days or even weeks to appear. Injuries could worsen for weeks before a person realizes the issue originated from a recent car accident. When you're involved in a car accident, your body may be flooded with the flight-and-flight hormone adrenaline that can trigger your body to release pain-soothing endorphins. This can delay back pain caused by a car accident.

Back Pain After a Car Accident FAQs:

Get examined by a doctor immediately! Make an appointment with a doctor and receive a medical evaluation as soon as possible. Inform the doctor that you were in a car crash. The doctor will test your condition and let you know if your injury requires specialized treatment.

Immediately after a car crash, some accident victims may initially feel okay. But when the adrenaline wears off, delayed back pain can present itself in the days or even weeks following. It’s important to seek medical care even if you don’t feel injured. Call a doctor right away.

Go to the doctor’s office the same day of your accident, if possible. You’ll help yourself in two ways. First, the doctor can assess the extent of your injuries to recommend the best course of treatment. Second, getting a doctor’s report will help document your condition in case you are injured and end up filing a claim.

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